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Using home boarding for your dog can have several advantages compared to other pet care options like traditional boarding kennels or relying on friends or family to watch your dog. Here are some reasons to consider home boarding for your dog:

Personalised Care

Home boarding typically involves fewer dogs than a traditional kennel environment, which means your dog can receive more personalised attention and care. This is especially beneficial if your dog has special considerations, any medical requirements or simply thrives on more one-on-one interaction. We offer a small home boarding environment where boarding dogs integrate with our own animals and settle into a routine based around our family living space, and they live as we do for the duration of their stay.

Familiar Environment

Home boarding provides a more home-like setting for your dog. This can help reduce anxiety and stress since your dog will be in a more familiar environment that resembles their daily routine, resulting in a happier more settled dog. 

Socialisation Opportunities

In a home boarding situation, your dog may have the chance to interact with the host's pets or other dogs being boarded. This can be great for your dog's socialisation skills, provided that all dogs get along well.

Less Stress

Dogs can experience stress when they're separated from their owners. Home boarding can help mitigate this stress because the environment is generally quieter and less chaotic than a kennel.

Regular Routine

Dogs thrive on routine. With home boarding, your dog is more likely to stick to their regular feeding, exercise and toileting schedule, which can contribute to their overall well-being.

Attention and Playtime

Home boarding hosts typically have more time to engage with your dog, offering walks, playtime, and companionship. This level of interaction can prevent feelings of abandonment loneliness and boredom.

Personalised Services

As a home boarding environment we can also offer additional services such as grooming, socialising and administering medications. These extra services can be tailored to meet your dog's specific needs.

Less Exposure to Illness

In some kennel settings, dogs from various households are kept in close proximity, which can increase the risk of illness transmission. Home boarding with fewer dogs can help minimise this risk. Careful measures are taken at Splash Dogs to ensure that all dogs home boarding are fully vaccinated and are healthy the time of arrival and careful vigilance is always given. Our booking form specifies at the time of enquiry/booking that all necessary treatments for things like fleas, ticks and worming are concurrent. Kennel cough is a must for our home boarding environment. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your dog is in a comfortable home environment with a responsible and caring host can provide you with peace of mind while you're away on holiday or work, etc. 

Updates and Communication

As your home boarding host we provide regular updates and pictures of your dog's activities. This level of communication can help you stay connected with your furry friend and reduce any anxieties you might have. As a further assurance, we always arrange a private visit to the home environment to ensure that you are happy and reassured about your dog's staycation environment.




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